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Though cricket is not the most popular game in the world, it is one of the most enjoyed and loved games in the world, which has a surplus base of its fans and followers. Also, due to the varieties of format available in cricket, i.e Test format, T20 format, Domestic and International format, the people love the different formats of cricket according to their taste. This makes cricket even more loved as compared to the other games. 


With a large fan base and the recognition of cricket, it also has a place in the game of betting, in which people use to bet on some team or players and get the rewards when the prediction goes right. This increases the excitement of the game manifolds.  Also, in order to hold the existing base of customers, and in order to attract new customers, various companies that are existing in the market, provide a lot of offers and rewards, loyalty bonuses. And the main part of any organization is the rewards and the deposits that the companies offer when the prediction goes right. 

So, apart from the rewards and the loyalty bonuses that the companies have to offer, it becomes very important for the users to understand the rules of cricket betting before going forward to bet. Though many companies have a great set of rules already defined for the betting in their respective organizations, let us have a look at some of them, which are generally some of the most common and crucial rules:


cricket bets and rules
  • In any test match, if the ball is not bowled then all the bets on that test would be considered to be null. 
  • If the test is drawn, then the two tied teams would be decided on the basis of the competition’s rules. Rest all other teams would be declared as losers by default. 
  • If the whole test match is abandoned due to many reasons which include the weather problems or others, all the bets on that test would be considered null and void.


In the limited match format which includes the One Day International as well as the T20, there are certain rules which should be taken into consideration while betting for the game. They are: 

  • If the match gets delayed due to any circumstances, the bet will be held for the next 48 hours after the time from being where the game was delayed, after which the bet will be considered null and void. Given that there is no change in the format or the venue of the match.
  • If the match gets cancelled due to any circumstances, the winner will be decided on the basis of the official competition rules which are decided by the organizations offering the betting game.


  • For ‘Top Batsmen Price Boost’ all the overs, for T20, 20 overs, and for ODI, 50 overs should be bowled, else wise the bet will be considered to be null and void.

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