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A cricket team consists of eleven players. At the beginning of a match, one team bats, and the other defends. Batting teams score runs by hitting a ball with a bat by hitting the boundary or running between two sets of stumps.

A cricket team is a group of individuals who play the game of cricket. The team typically consists of eleven players, including a captain who bats and bowls alongside the other members. Cricket teams regularly compete against various opponents in competitions such as the World Cup and One Day Internationals. One hundred four countries play cricket sports, but not all are played world cup or even full members of ICC.

The number of teams in the cricket world cup has varied over the years, with an average of 14 participating countries during world cup matches. Many cricket fans know lots about cricket and cricket teams, but most have not known how many teams in the cricket world cup? Essentially, all cricketing nations are eligible for entry; however, only ten countries have participated in the world cup. Here is a brief description of the cricket team’s number, the concept of team and squad, and which team has won the most world cup in international cricket.

Number Of International Cricket Teams

List of International Cricket Teams

If you love watching cricket, you’re interested in knowing about the number of cricket teams in the world. There are a lot of cricket teams and almost as many members in the ICC (International Cricket Council). The number of international cricket teams in the world has considerably increased over time.

There are 12 Test-playing nations, approximately 19 One-day international playing nations, 11 Twenty20 International playing nations. Not all the teams have participated in the world cup. Every team who participated in the world cup played one test match. Therefore, 20 teams are participating in the world cup, but currently, only ten cricket teams participate in the world cup.

The Concept Of Team And Squad

Cricket team and squad structure review

The difference between team and squad in cricket has been common among cricketing fans. These two terms are very commonly used in cricketing language. Both compromise cricket players, but a few differences set them apart. To understand the difference, it is important to know the basics of both these terms.

  1. Cricket Team. During a cricket match, the number of players playing on the ground, representing one side, makes up a team. For example, in an India vs. Australia cricket match, the eleven Indian players on the ground playing together make up for the Indian team. In professional cricketing language, they are also termed as playing eleven. This is because, in the end, these eleven players are playing for their side. The playing eleven of any team is decided mutually by the captain, coach, and team selectors. The captain declares the playing eleven from his side after the toss.
  2. Squad. Whenever a series is announced between two countries, the board of both the teams announces the name of players participating in that series. The number of players announces in this series varies depending upon the number of matches and duration of the tour. These players are collectively called the squad. The playing eleven for every particular is different and is chosen from this squad. The players who do not make it into the playing eleven are known as “players on the bench.”

Teams With Most World Cup Wins

This is the list of cricket world cup winning teams from the first tournament in 1975 to the latest world cup in 2019. The list contains two teams that won twice and one team that won five times.

The five-time champion of the world cup is team Australia. Australian cricket team won their first world cup under Allan Border captainship in 1987. Australia won their second world cup under the captaincy of Steve Waugh in 1999, and third and fourth world cups came under Ricky Ponting captaincy in 2003 and 2007 in a row. In 2015 they won their fifth ODI world cup under Michael Clarke’s captaincy, and till now, they are the most successful cricket world cup winning team.

India and west indies cricket teams are two-time world cup winning teams, the first world cup was won in 1983 in Kapil dev captaincy by defeating the west indies cricket team, and the second world cup was won in 2011 after 28 years under MS Dhoni captainship. India also won one T20 world cup. The West Indies cricket team won the first two world cups under Clive Lloyd captaincy. Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and England have become one-time world cup winners.

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