How to calculate Bowling average in criket
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In cricket, you might have heard about batting styles, field rules, and many more things. Cricket is a game of bat and ball and these both activities should be very strong of a player to win a match and the player who has the quality or feature of both the activities they are considered an all-rounder.

The importance as much as batting has in a cricket team the same importance is of bowling as well. There are several calculations for bowling also, which are important to follow to get some numerical value. 

Bowling average is a term used in cricket for bowling, there are several things in bowling that are important to note as well as there are few positions of bowling that come inside the rule of cricket. Bowling average needs to be calculated by a formula by which a simple average can be calculated easily. 

Let’s know more about bowling average in this article:

What is a Bowling Average?

Cricket Bowling average explanation

Bowling average is usually calculated in order to find the performance of the bowler and several times one bowling average of the match is compared with the other in order to find the performance of the player and the team. 

Bowling average is usually the run conceded per wicket is known as the Bowler average of the player. The main focus of the bowler is to take the wicket of the batsman and not to allow the batsman to score more runs in their over. This also helps a bowler to continue their bowler average in a good way.

Now the question is how would the audience know if the bowling average is good or not. There is an average range for it which tells several things like if the bowler average is below 140 then it is bad, from 140-170 is average, 170-190 is above average and 170-220 is good on the other hand 220+ is considered as excellent. 

How to calculate Bowling average 

Cricket bowling average calculation instruction

Bowling average is calculated on the terms of the bowler and the formula to calculate it is very simple. The formula is the number of runs conceded is divided by the number of wickets taken. On the basis of the Bowling average, it is decided how good the bowler is. 

Bowling average also says a lot about the cricket match, when a bowler takes a wicket then there will be an effect on the bowling average it can be more or it can be less depending upon the runs as well.

If you are a true cricket fan then you must be knowing about most of the terms which are used in cricket. Bowling average is also such a term that is used to calculate the bowling average of the bowler in a particular over. It is a very useful calculation used in cricket to know the audience and players at which rate the ball is coming. In this article, I have covered the various regions of this topic and I hope you liked this article.

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